black ink…

Here’s the cover for the next EP for Ground Level artist Joe C, due out in April. Its a simple but striking. Until its released, check out this track remixed by Rebel Sketchy. Enjoy.

Joe C Black Ink EP 1440x1440

you can do it…

Here’s the artwork for the forthcoming single from Fisso & Spark, to be released in March. Taken from their album ‘Future’ (Ground Level records), check out there phat breakbeat style [here]

Fisso and Spark 'You Can Do It'


Independent and tasty craft ale makers BrewDog put a shout out for some poster designs. Here’s my typographic piece. Enjoy.

If you get a spare minute, please click [here] and give it a ‘like’ – Cheers!

BrewDog poster #posterdog

happy new year

Happy New Year 2013 from pictographik

With less than 24 hours to go until the potential end of the world, I thought I’d put together this handy document just in case its brought about by swathes of the undead. Please share this document, it might just save your life.

how to prepare for a zombie apocalypse web pg1

how to prepare for a zombie apocalypse web pg2

how to prepare for a zombie apocalypse web pg3

how to prepare for a zombie apocalypse web pg4

Downloadable web and print versions here: how to prepare for a zombie apocalypse web  how to prepare for a zombie apocalypse A4

Original photos by Joshua Cunningham


On Thursday, I gave a talk at a monthly Derby event called Geekeasy organised by Christine of Crocstar Media. It’s an opportunity for people to get together and have a drink, and have a listen to a ‘Geek Speak’. My talk was on the subject of ‘Processes’, reverse spectrograms and a sound to image project I’ve been working on, more details can be found [here]


The latest release from Fisso & Spark on Ground Level is now up on beatport!

fizzo and spark future 1440x1440

pictographik has submitted an entry to the current ‘Worn In’ themed competition, if you like this design, please show some love and vote for it [here] – inspired by a vocal sample from the Boards of Canada track ‘1969’.



update: future

I can now reveal that the WIP piece shown a few posts back is for Fisso & Spark‘s forthcoming album called ‘Future’. I still can’t reveal the final piece for that just yet but I can show the artwork for their next single, ‘Come With Me’, from the future Ground Level records album. This has a similar treatment for consistency. ‘Come With Me’ will be available on Beatport on November 26th and features a remix by Rebel Sketchy too. Bonus!


centre #ThatTypoThing

PlayGround update

The cd’s have arrived! You can buy it here: http://groundlevelrecords.greedbag.com/buy/ground-level-presents-playground/




As the post title suggests, this is a work in progress, with the latest version (not shown here) awaiting approval from the artists as album artwork. Will show the final thing when they say its okay!


human butcher

After a brief conversation on twitter, pictographik was asked by Miss Cakehead to make a small creative contribution to her latest project, a spectacular PR campaign for Resident Evil 6 that involved Wesker & Son (a purveyor of fine human meat), crime scenes & forensic reports and screen prints made from her own blood! Now thats dead-ication. (sorry, couldn’t resist that.) The above image is the poster, and below, in place at the pop up butchers in Smithfield market. For more images of the event check out this fb photo set: Wesker & Son butchers (photography by Alex Abian)


Pictographik was asked by Ground Level records to create a piece of artwork that’s inspired by some of Shepard Fairey’s prints.  So, here is the result, an illustration for the forthcoming Joe C release (Twitter), the ‘Shakedown’ ep, available on October 29th. All of the decoration and pattern is line drawings of parts of technic 1210’s… it seemed appropriate.


To celebrate their 5th birthday and 50th release, ground level asked pictographik to design the artwork for a 3 part digital download and [soon to be released] cd album called ‘Playground’. Playground is a compilation that features new tracks and exclusive remixes which can be found here.


Instacanvas is a great new service that allows people to buy prints of your instagram images, check out the pictographik gallery here: instacanv.as/pictographik

graffiti timelapse

Here are the results of a collaboration with artist/poet/photographer Joe Coghlan. We were asked to line the walls of the chill out room of a local night club, the Blue Note, with quotes from famous songs as a tribute to the musical history of the venue. Timelapse by pictographik alter ego thought.projector with music by Mender




Blimey, pictographik has made it in to the ComputerArts inspiration gallery for a third time with the reworking of ESP test cards, here’s a link: http://www.computerarts.co.uk/blog/inspiration-gallery-7-june-123209#gallery-viewport


A nice review of Ground Level artist Joe C on the Manalogue music blog, and features loads of pictographik artwork too!

Read the article [here].

Bridge The Gap July poster

Here’s another BTG poster for their July event at the Sun Lounge, Derby.

Woop! Pictographik made it in to the Computer Arts magazine online inspiration gallery for a second time! A piece of work for Ground Level records artist, Rebel Sketchy is up there. Check it out [here]

bespoke image…

Image made for bUTTONpUSHER  bookings and promo, used as a background for a gig poster. Apart from the concrete texture, all made from scratch.

Eurovision Infographik

The lovely peeps at Status Social Media Marketing asked me to create an infographik for the upcoming Eurovision song contest as they’re big fans (well… Mark certainly is).

Eurovision2012  infographic



old school style…

Another piece of download artwork for Ground_Level records. The song contains a sample from a documentary about graffiti so the picto-brain was asked to find an appropriate image to reference the sample. After a fair while searching, this priceless batch of scans of original photos by Flickr user JJ & Special K were found!


Pictographik poster for Bridge The Gap

Another quality pictographik product (their words, not mine!).

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