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After visiting a self-publishing fair at Chapter in Cardiff recently [details here], the picto-brain was inspired to create a mini-zine for o_S_k_m. The zine is limited to only 100 copies and contains a download code for a 3 track ep. It’s a typographic piece exploring the meaning of the 4 letters in the name… Do they actually stand for anything?

For details of getting one, email originalsoundkeepsmodifying@gmail.com 

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Here’s a sneak peek at the artwork for the track called ‘minimal ceramic’, used in the video collab with lofieye (see previous post), and uses a photo from the slideshow series. The track is being released on the Bitnormal records bandcamp on 30/03/13.

oskm minimal ceramic

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Here’s a sleeve design for a personal project, my audio alter ego, o_S_k_m which can be found over on Bitnormal Records, a new net label that loves electronic music.

oSkm OSkm osKm - its all the same thing really

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