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Hello folks – Happy New Year! (late I know, but better late than never I guess!) Apologies for the long radio silence – the picto-brain has been relocating to a new creative space and settling in. Work has continued- some new pieces will be up shortly- and details of some new collaborations will be revealed in the near future… keep your ears and eyes open.

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sticky retro sign

The picto-brain was commissioned by the awesome Miss Cakehead to create some retro signs for her latest project, this time a lot less gory than her other work but no less extravagant! Miss Cakehead is going to make it snow edible ice cream for two days at Thorpe Park  on Friday July 26 and Saturday July 27 – that’s right, you did just read that – edible snow! In the middle of summer! More details can be found [here], if head along, keep you eyes peeled for the signs!

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Here is the first in a series of re-imagined cd covers. ‘Music has the right to children’ by Boards of Canada is a pictographik favourite and April 20th was the 15th anniversary of its release – and celebrates the news of a new album from them due out in June, so it made sense to begin with it! The idea was to approach the the covers as though it was a new release and be guided by the song titles and music for creative direction. Once a concept was settled on, the design itself was created in the time it takes to listen to the album – no pressure then… Enjoy.


Keep an eye on the ‘re-imagined’ tab for more in this personal project.

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Here’s the cover for the next EP for Ground Level artist Joe C, due out in April. Its a simple but striking. Until its released, check out this track remixed by Rebel Sketchy. Enjoy.

Joe C Black Ink EP 1440x1440

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With less than 24 hours to go until the potential end of the world, I thought I’d put together this handy document just in case its brought about by swathes of the undead. Please share this document, it might just save your life.

how to prepare for a zombie apocalypse web pg1

how to prepare for a zombie apocalypse web pg2

how to prepare for a zombie apocalypse web pg3

how to prepare for a zombie apocalypse web pg4

Downloadable web and print versions here: how to prepare for a zombie apocalypse web  how to prepare for a zombie apocalypse A4

Original photos by Joshua Cunningham

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