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I have a few friends who are graffiti artists and in recent conversations, I was informed of some of the ‘etiquette’ of the art form. Some of these rules included: a- to not spray near an established artists work to gain kudos from their piece, and b- to not cover over another piece of work if it still looks reasonably fresh, just to get a good location.


In defence of the picto-brain, it was done digitally – no actual art was harmed in the creation of a piece of design.

A brief required an image of a wall by a road… stock image sites had been trawled with no luck… Then I remembered a photo I took just off Brick Lane… with a little photoshop magic it was the perfect wall…

I really like this piece by Guy Denning and ‘painting’ it out felt quite wrong but, its a great wall and at least it wasn’t real. The finished piece of design is for a music download (hence the square crop) and can’t be revealed until the tracks go public – keep your ears and eyes open people.

Here’s the before and after – sorry Guy:


guy denning painted over

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Here are the results of a collaboration with artist/poet/photographer Joe Coghlan. We were asked to line the walls of the chill out room of a local night club, the Blue Note, with quotes from famous songs as a tribute to the musical history of the venue. Timelapse by pictographik alter ego thought.projector with music by Mender




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Another piece of download artwork for Ground_Level records. The song contains a sample from a documentary about graffiti so the picto-brain was asked to find an appropriate image to reference the sample. After a fair while searching, this priceless batch of scans of original photos by Flickr user JJ & Special K were found!

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