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Happy Friday folks, here’s a little question for a sunny evening:

If the typographical element is removed from album sleeve design/single cover design, can the remainder be considered art?



Below are a few pieces of design for music from the picto-brain with the text removed or cropped away…

sasha kahn global meltdown no text fisso and spark freefall no text rebel_sketchy_up_and_down_no text joe c - skunky no text remixes_2011_cover_ no text fisso and spark do it baby concept no text


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Here’s another piece of download artwork for Fisso & Spark for their next single ‘Dynamics’. It’s from their album ‘Future’ on Ground Level records and will be out in the er… near future! Here is the full series to see it in context:

fizzo and spark dynamics 1440 x 1440


Fisso and Spark 'You Can Do It'


fizzo and spark come with me


fizzo and spark future 1440x1440

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Here is the first in a series of re-imagined cd covers. ‘Music has the right to children’ by Boards of Canada is a pictographik favourite and April 20th was the 15th anniversary of its release – and celebrates the news of a new album from them due out in June, so it made sense to begin with it! The idea was to approach the the covers as though it was a new release and be guided by the song titles and music for creative direction. Once a concept was settled on, the design itself was created in the time it takes to listen to the album – no pressure then… Enjoy.


Keep an eye on the ‘re-imagined’ tab for more in this personal project.

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So, after a few emails, BrewDog asked if the picto-brain could develop the design for the beermats. To account for the reduction in size compared to a poster, they asked if it could be modified in to a half full pint glass that could be die-cut instead of the classic square. Keep an eye out for this kind of thing on a BrewDog bar table near you!

BrewDog beer-mat mock up 2

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Here’s the artwork for the forthcoming single from Fisso & Spark, to be released in March. Taken from their album ‘Future’ (Ground Level records), check out there phat breakbeat style [here]

Fisso and Spark 'You Can Do It'

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I can now reveal that the WIP piece shown a few posts back is for Fisso & Spark‘s forthcoming album called ‘Future’. I still can’t reveal the final piece for that just yet but I can show the artwork for their next single, ‘Come With Me’, from the future Ground Level records album. This has a similar treatment for consistency. ‘Come With Me’ will be available on Beatport on November 26th and features a remix by Rebel Sketchy too. Bonus!

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