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On Saturday 11th February, Quad had the wrap party for its awesome experimental audio visual exhibition, v.01, which included collaborations between regular nights at Quad and local creatives.  For the opening portion of the event, LongPlayer (an album playback night) chose ‘Cerulean’ by Baths, Five Lamps Films submitted videos for some of the tracks and Pixel Synthesis got Pictographik in to do a  live visual remix of the cover artwork in the duration of the album.

Above is the original artwork by Jesselisa Moretti, and below are the two remixs the pictobrain spewed forth.


The album lasts about 45 minutes but after recently completing a qualifier for the Cut & Paste tournament which gives you 15 minutes to complete a piece of work, I finished pretty quickly, so did two! Enjoy.

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Live digital artwork created by Lee Mason and Pictographik (no pressure then!), with live improvised electronica from Mender

For more info, follow pixelsynthesis [here], Mender [here] and Quad [here]

If you’re interested in getting involved in future events, email:  pixel.synthesis@gmail.com

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