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sticky retro sign

The picto-brain was commissioned by the awesome Miss Cakehead to create some retro signs for her latest project, this time a lot less gory than her other work but no less extravagant! Miss Cakehead is going to make it snow edible ice cream for two days at Thorpe Park  on Friday July 26 and Saturday July 27 – that’s right, you did just read that – edible snow! In the middle of summer! More details can be found [here], if head along, keep you eyes peeled for the signs!

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Here’s another piece of promotional work for the talented Miss Cakehead, this time a zombie twist to the classic Pool Rules sign as part of the campaign for the next Resident Evil game from Capcom.

zombie pool sign metal


More details can be found here: http://misscakehead.wordpress.com/2013/05/16/zombie-pool-rules/

It was a great opportunity to get sketching again using good old fashioned pen and paper – and no – that’s not Comic Sans!

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After a brief conversation on twitter, pictographik was asked by Miss Cakehead to make a small creative contribution to her latest project, a spectacular PR campaign for Resident Evil 6 that involved Wesker & Son (a purveyor of fine human meat), crime scenes & forensic reports and screen prints made from her own blood! Now thats dead-ication. (sorry, couldn’t resist that.) The above image is the poster, and below, in place at the pop up butchers in Smithfield market. For more images of the event check out this fb photo set: Wesker & Son butchers (photography by Alex Abian)

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