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After visiting a self-publishing fair at Chapter in Cardiff recently [details here], the picto-brain was inspired to create a mini-zine for o_S_k_m. The zine is limited to only 100 copies and contains a download code for a 3 track ep. It’s a typographic piece exploring the meaning of the 4 letters in the name… Do they actually stand for anything?

For details of getting one, email originalsoundkeepsmodifying@gmail.com 

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o_S_k_m letters

A monochrome type treatment for o_S_k_m, the electronica alter ego of pictographik. Currently a banner on the bandcamp page but will be a part of a future ep sleeve to be released on Bitnormal. Bonus.

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Here’s a sneak peek at the artwork for the track called ‘minimal ceramic’, used in the video collab with lofieye (see previous post), and uses a photo from the slideshow series. The track is being released on the Bitnormal records bandcamp on 30/03/13.

oskm minimal ceramic

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This is a collaborative piece with photographer lofieye, transitions and titles by the picto-brain with music from audio alias, o_S_k_m.

State of Decay from lofieye on Vimeo.

These images were taken in an abandoned ceramic factory T.G. Greens in Swadlincote, Derbyshire. The music is specially written by o_S_k_m for the slideshow,, submitted to Slideluck London V.

There is a publication of these and other images taken available, please contact through lofieye.wordpress.com

It’s worth mentioning that whilst taking photographs we were attacked by the ‘owner’ (probably the local scrap yard owner actually stealing metal from the building to sell for scrap). After coming at us with a shovel and threatening to kill us, tried to have us arrested for assault. What an utter psycho. Feel free to share the video as publicising the factory and letting people know that it’s a slowly decaying piece of unpreserved history, feels like the best way to get a positive outcome from what was a pretty weird experience.

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Here’s a sleeve design for a personal project, my audio alter ego, o_S_k_m which can be found over on Bitnormal Records, a new net label that loves electronic music.

oSkm OSkm osKm - its all the same thing really

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