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Here’s another piece of download artwork for Fisso & Spark for their next single ‘Dynamics’. It’s from their album ‘Future’ on Ground Level records and will be out in the er… near future! Here is the full series to see it in context:

fizzo and spark dynamics 1440 x 1440


Fisso and Spark 'You Can Do It'


fizzo and spark come with me


fizzo and spark future 1440x1440

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Just a little typography experiment in the form of an ambigram – a word that can be read either way up/has rotational symmetry. Thought the band name Hallouminati would work well, but still a work in progress

hallouminati ambigram

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Independent and tasty craft ale makers BrewDog put a shout out for some poster designs. Here’s my typographic piece. Enjoy.

If you get a spare minute, please click [here] and give it a ‘like’ – Cheers!

BrewDog poster #posterdog

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Happy New Year 2013 from pictographik

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As the post title suggests, this is a work in progress, with the latest version (not shown here) awaiting approval from the artists as album artwork. Will show the final thing when they say its okay!

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